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  1. bamuse

    How to make apistos more beautiful?

    thank you all for your advice! although I don't know if they can survive without artificial foods, I'm going to keep apistos outside to see how they'll be in the wild.
  2. bamuse

    Hongsloi Flashing?

    I usually change one third or a half of water and add 1~2 percent of salt just in case when I confirm the symptom. i hope it doesn't come about because of columnaris, aeromonus or a fatal thing
  3. bamuse

    German bred Apistogramma guttata

    really beautiful! I'd never seen such great pics
  4. bamuse

    I am Japanese and I love apistos and boraras spieces. I'm happy If you like them too:)

    I am Japanese and I love apistos and boraras spieces. I'm happy If you like them too:)
  5. bamuse

    How to make apistos more beautiful?

    thanks for your comment. I am Japanese so I'm sorry for my poor English if you don't understand what I wrote. I have a wild male Ap.agassizii "madeira porto velho" and I love apistos that prefer low pH such as Elizabethae and paucisquamis but any advice about apistos is okay.
  6. bamuse


    It's suitable size for Bitaeniatas. When I have more than 3 apistos in the same tank, I usually put more pipes or flower pots than the number of apistos for them, especially when breeding.
  7. bamuse

    How to make apistos more beautiful?

    I've had apistos for about 4 years and I want to know tips that make them jewel like ones in the wild. I've tried feeding brine shrimps, minute creatures in a tank outside, using tropical almonds(there are lots of its trees near my house) and so on. Now I'm wondering how you all do for apistos...
  8. bamuse

    Do I have too many apistos and rams in my tank?

    wow all apistos are your babies haha Congrats! Although there are lots of apistos in 70G tank, I think your tank is really big enough. I would put some woods, half flowerpots and plants to hide just in case:) I wouldn't have 5 cichlids in 20G without a diviver:) but just my opinion!I've never...
  9. bamuse

    Hi all

    Today i joined this forum. In Japan, apistos are really popular. I also love them especially agassizii, trifasciata and bitaeniata. now I have only male agassizzi from Madeira Porto Velho. nice to meet you all:)
  10. bamuse

    Forum Rules

    i agree