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Pencil fish ID


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Agreed, a young (and not very happy) N. beckfordi that isn't showing full coloration in the photo. Have kept them for years.


5 Year Member
A female N.. beckfordi - males are much more colorful. I had some as dithers for Apistogramma sp. Steel Blue. The pencils didn't bother the apisto fry; they spawned, & both species of young grew up in the same tank. I'm not sure why some people look down their noses at N. beckfordi; they're quite beautiful & a lot more durable than most other Nannostomus species.


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Hi all,
I'm not sure why some people look down their noses at N. beckfordi
I think it is just they are more likely to eat Apistogramma fry than other Pencilfish. I'd agree they are a very attractive fish and easier to care for, and breed, than the other species.
for Apistogramma sp. Steel Blue.
My go with these <"ended in tears">, but they are also a very underrated and attractive fish, if I ever see both males and females for sale I'm going to buy them.

Mine were quite feisty for a little fish.

cheer Darrel