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Measuring temperature


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Hi all,
What do you use for this?
What is the most accurate way?
I use an old fashioned glass spirit based thermometer. They are reasonably accurate, and they don't need any maintenance etc. I use the -5 - 40oC model

The suckers on thermometer are always poor, so I just use a cork to keep them up right. You can get a J shaped thermometer from gUSH etc. that fits over the aquarium rim, but I've never bothered.

I don't tend to look at them very often, I usually just press the back of my hand against the glass when I'm passing, it gives you a pretty good idea of where the temperature is.

cheers Darrel

Mike Wise

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Seriously, I use a finger! 4+ decades of hands-on/in aquarium experience helps. A heated fishroom helps, too.:) Like Darrel, I too use the old style floating and weighted glass spirit thermometers in a few tanks for a rare check. Some of mine are close to 40 years old. The liquid crystal stick-on thermometer always seem to fail after a few years.

If you decide to use glass thermometers there is a way to get (relatively) consistent accuracy. Go to your LFS and check all of the glass thermometers. Buy the ones that all show the same the temperature. These will be the best/most accurately calibrated thermometers. This was taught to me by an old aquarist way back in the 1970s.
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