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Seeking help with ID of these Apistos


New Member
Hello there,

I recently purchase a trio (now a pair) as A. Viejita, but I'm not so sure. Maybe more experienced members coul help me out.
Thanks, Bob


Active Member
Looks like my Mac's, with a bit more red in them, but I'm sure the experienced will come on soon. Still nice looking.


New Member
FWIW, real Apisto. viejita (Puerto Gaitan" locality) are available in the US hobby at this time as F1/F2. There are a few of us with wild fish that have been breeding and distributing fry for the past year, give or take. I run an Apistogramma Band group, where interested parties can find out who has these for sale. https://band.us/n/a9a931s9VdJbR All that is asked is that the groups rules are read and followed, and they are pretty basic. Currently, Jacob David has juvenile F1s available. Apistos Miguel may have F2s, but I'm not sure what he has ready to go right now. Anyway, any of you are welcome to join. Band does not limit sales the way Facebook does, which is why the group lives there. :)