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Is this a pair, or 2 female A. borelli?


New Member
5 Year Member
Hi! I just ordered a pair of A. Borelli "Bella Union" from Aquabid last week. The fish arrived safe and sound yesterday. However I have a suspicion that I have 2 females rather than a true pair. Can anyone confirm? They havent changed much from this coloration since they arrived. Are they just too young for the male to be colored up or have the characteristic long finnage? One is a bit larger than the other. The fish are just around 1", give or take, including the tail.

Thanks for any advice everyone :)

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Hard to say for certain while stressed out and still in a bag. Photos of them under better conditions and knowing their size/age would help.

Drayden Farci

Active Member
Looks like two females to me, but I have not worked with Bella Union, only Blue and Opal. The male should have a much broader dorsal fin by this size in my opinion. How do they look in the tank?