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Attaching JPG photos


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I've tried several times (on different days) to send a post with attached photos in the Let's Talk Dicrossus thread. The "attachment manager" says it's supposed to take JPGs up to 97K, but when I try to attach a 40 KB file (from my computer) I get a message: "exceeds your quota by 30KB." I do not have any photos posted anywhere in the forum. Any ideas what's wrong?


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I would suggest instead to use an online photo hosting site, such as photobucket, to link your images to the post.

Use the [img ] and [/img] tags. I hope this helps. I don't use any site's photo uploader...just photobucket.


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Please do not upload photos directly to the forum. That increases the site's resource uses. As it is, we are nip and tuck each month with our usage limit. The difference in hosting package is a out $100/year now, verses $600/month to go up to the next level. We cannot afford that.

I am hoping that the vBulletin upgrade will solve some of the problems we are having with the host, but I have tried to hire three people to do the upgrade for me (I failed miserably at trying to do it myself), and so far none have followed through.


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Ted, did you talk to Troy Veltrop yet? He's a computer/website guy who has worked with fishforums and retailers before. He visits this forum occasionally, but I can't remember his alias.