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Viejita and Cacatuoides


New Member
I don't have any available at the moment, and no longer ship. I sell my young fish to a couple of semi-local resellers (via driving to meet up for the exchange) who grow them out and distribute them. Jacob Davis got my last batch, and may still have some. JD Aquatics in North Carolina.

I still have the same two wild pairs that your fish came from. I'm not sure which pair produced your fish. I'm sure I designated it on the bags, and might have sent some fry from each pair, and would have noted which were which (I think??) on the bags. Being F1s, their genetics are still more than fine for sib-to-sib crosses. They shouldn't need to be "freshened" at this point, but be sure you get fish from the same import/collection when you do so. The person who imported my wild fish was Shane P. He would likely know who else received wilds from that batch. My fish are still producing, and I expect that they will continue to do so for another year or two, barring accidents. Any others still around from the same importation should be, too.

Oh... on another note: Those hongsloi gave me beautiful babies. Love them. Thank you! I have those plus some I got from Ethan. The first gen males from you were nice, but just nice. I got fry from them and some of their sisters and wow! Some of these are turning out fabulous! Really good red and lots of it.


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Your welcome Bowluvr, I have another batch from there sister that are already showing good sign of red at 16 weeks and one of the males breed with an adult female, which she latter ate the fry.