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New to apistos, looking forward to being a part of this forum :)

Hi! I’m new to apistogrammas and this forum. I bought my first pair of apistogramma borellii opal on Friday, and I’ve been enjoying them so far (though I suspect they may both be male.) I have two tanks, a 10 gallon betta tank and a 30 gallon apisto tank with a school of rasboras. I came over here from Fishlore.com, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this community as well!
Sure, I can try! I got a few pictures the other day but they’re blurry and the apistos have colored up more since then, hopefully I can get a pic without them darting away :)
Ok, I managed to get pictures of both of them: 6EC6603C-9D45-4214-8EE4-9824D0C3E002.jpeg4C318824-58BF-464F-8761-4AE3F7E636CC.jpeg sorry they’re a bit blurry, I don’t have the best camera.. in real life they both have some red on their cheeks and yellow fins. I almost got a picture of them kind of by each other, but one darted behind a leaf right as I clicked.. sigh. I‘ve noticed a bit of chasing when one gets too close to the other, is this normal in male/ female pairs or does it definitely mean they are both male?
Edit: I just realized I managed to just catch the second guy in the second photo lol sorry about that

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The Shrimp Pimp wrote on fredmir1's profile.
Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.
geno wrote on Roko's profile.
Apisto dave has a pair for sale .
Doing water changes.
Im looking for Apistogramma Trifasciata, are there any breeders out there that could help please??