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My Vivaline 180 LED


New Member

Here is my 180L tank -Eheim VivalineLED 180 (100x40x45)

Filtration - Eheim Professionel 4+ 250, JBL e402 Greenline
Substrate – Jbl Sansibar White, ADA Aqua Soil Malaya Powder

My waterparameters are:

TDS – 70 ppm

pH - 6.4


Hydrocotyle leucocephala

Echinodorus bleheri/amazonicus

Taxiphyllum barbieri

Sagittaria subulata

The tank contains the following fish:

6x Otocinclus cf. affinis

16x Nannostomus marginatus

12x Paracheirodon simulans

1f/1m Apistogramma trifasciata



Active Member
ye! very nice tank. do you use the hydrocotyle as a floating plant or is it just planted somewhere when i can't see it?