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Male Bolivian Ram desperate for love

Discussion in 'Husbandry / Breeding' started by nuimom, Oct 10, 2019 at 8:28 PM.

  1. nuimom

    nuimom Member

    Feb 5, 2018
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    Aloha all, I have a male Bolivian Ram in a 40B planted community tank, he is the only Ram. He is now getting close to two years old, got him as a fry. I had tried pairing him with a few females but none seemed to make him happy lol. So he is alone and seemed content. BUT now this past few months he has startedi digging breeding pits and has started courting one of my Panda Cories, she ignors him, but he follows her and does all the breeding jestures at her. I now watch him frantically follow her while she is spawning with the group of male Pandas and he seems to think he is one of them lol. He darts around with them, but of course is dismissed.
    I am wondering if anyone else has ever witnessed this strange behavior??????
    I feel sad for him at times, but this tank is so settled and peaceful I really don't want to try more females for him.
    He has his one true love, be it a Pands Cory ???