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Lisa'a Lair Bookstore


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5 Year Member
Hello all,

We are very fortunate to include among us here at the apistogramma.com forum a quality Canadian book seller. Some may know them from their excellent offerings on aquabid.com.

Lisa and Ken Boorman, doing business as Lisa's Lair, offer quality new and like new books concerning a myriad of aquatic topics. I have been a regular customer of theirs for several years and enjoy purchasing rare titles that are not usually found in stores. Many, if not most, of their stock is offered at discount, and their shipping costs are quite reasonable.

Please check out their web page at


Thank you Lisa and Ken!

All the best,

Randall Kohn


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5 Year Member
I dont want to make any publicity or anything, but..

I ordered the new Lamboj book from them, and I must say that i'm very, very pleased with the quality of the service I received..

Ligthning fast delivery, good price and the book arrived in top shape.

I strongly recommand them as well! :p