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Dr Oto

Michael Knight

New Member
Earlier today I noticed one of my Argentinian Cory's had a little fungus at the back of his dorsal fin, I have just been looking at my aquarium and spotted the same Cory amongst the plants and to my surprise there was one of my Otos lying on Cory's tail end, looking closer Oto was eating the fungus off Cory's back, Cory occasionally twitched but let Oto carry on eating the fungus and now Cory is visibly fungus free. Has anyone else seen this happen, I haven't before or read that Otos do this, isn't nature fantastic.


Well-Known Member
5 Year Member
No, but Oto's will feast on dead fish, so it's not unreasonable that they'd eat dead tissue from a live fish, if the fish will sit still. Great observation!