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A. atahualpa biotope


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Hi all!

Here's my new tank (155Liters, 120cm x 36cm x 36cm).
I got my trio A. atahuapla, 10 Copella nattereri and 5 Nannostrumus marginatus in it and they all seem happy with their new surroundings.
One of the livingroom plants i had growing as riparium plant, in the old one didn't like to get out of the water, so now i'll have to wait for it to grow back in.
I will be adding a few more leaves on the right hand side, to make a deep leaf litter bed.
I used as much of the detritus, sand and leaves from the old tank, as possible, aswell as seedpods and wood. -Though i did a little more sand and some new wood.
There is Redmoore, Beech, Apple and Prunus root and branches in the stew:)

-And now... the pictures. (Sorry, for the oddball in the reflections...)

Ps. -would it be terrible wrong to add some Mayacara Flutilans? -In TomC's tavelogue, I spotted something that looked like an aquatic plant. If any it might be Toninna Fluvatiles, but that is a bit hard to find.
I aim for Rio Itaya, because of TomC's pictures. That's where i have found the most inspiration/info on a actual biotope.

Thanks in advance.



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hey all!

some months ago i got a new trio for this tank. now they have settled in nicely and reaching 4-5 cm in size.
sadly i think i got 3 females, but to be sure i thought i would hear your take on sexing them.
i hope the pictures are good enough for it, though the smallest one (-which i first thought to be the male) is quite skittish and hides a lot in the top part of the tank. -so pictures of that one are surely not the best.

if they are all female, i'd ofcause like to switch one of them for a male. what would be the best choice in your opinion?
1: net out one female (preferrbly the smallest) and introduce the older and fully grown male (+/- 2 years old) i have from another tank?
2: net out one female (preferrbly the smallest) and buy one/two new males (thinnking two males, just to be on the safe side) and then sell of one pair and keep the other male?

here's the pictures. looking forward to hear your verdict.



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ps.. -maybe i should have posted this in the ID/sexing sub forum.



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it's about time for a little update on this tank...
sadly i didn't get any pictures of the big male, but i did manage to get a few good ones of the dominant female aswell as some of my newest purchase, 15 hyphesseobrycon loretoensis.
they n. marginatus is now moved to another tank.

IMG_6101 copy.jpg
IMG_6100 copy.jpg
IMG_6099 copy.jpg
IMG_6098 copy.jpg
IMG_6091 copy.jpg
IMG_6090 copy.jpg
IMG_6087 copy.jpg
IMG_6084 copy.jpg

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