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    looking for Ivanacara adoketa WTB

    We don't have them from lack of trying. We have two offspring...two. That is after a year of keeping the parents. Of course then we lost the female and have since repaired the male with another...keeping our fingers crossed. They are difficult to put in mildly. I'm hoping to raise up the...
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    looking for Ivanacara adoketa WTB

    Unfortunately I don't know of anyone in the states that has any at this time. The only two that I know of that have been successful in breeding them are Dave and Eric Bodrock. I'm pretty sure Eric doesn't have any either. I would check with Eric and see if he knows where you might be able to...
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    need an ID please

    Yep....I ship fish from PA to Alaska and Hawaii and have no problems with the apistos making it. I've gotten fish from Dave as well and they were packed really well. I've shipped fish far more delicate than the apistos so I wouldn't not at all be concerned with getting those from Dave.
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    Actually more than likely in my case it's a classic case of ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I just don't know any better and I get lucky...lol.:wink: Both pairs are spawning fairly regularly and now it's just a matter of getting those eggs before they do. I would prefer they do the parenting...
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    Same here. I've not had any of the aggression that I was expecting to see. I grew mine out in a 50 gallon tank and even put in a few pairs of cacs. They never bothered the cacs but did eat the fry from them. I now have two pairs in 20Hs with lots of Cover. Both pairs are spawning and we...
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    Newbie looking for ....

    I can't help with the hongsloi or the Crenicichla compressiceps but if you locate the latter will you let me know. I've been looking for those off and on myself. ...Oh...and welcome to the board!
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    Using natural Vitamin C ( Absorbic Acid ) to lower PH

    The food we feed does have stabalized vitamin c added.
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    Blue Zoo Radio - tonight!

    I almost forgot...I'm a blonde so I have an excuse. Kurt Johnston who is a member here is going to be on the Blue Zoo tonight with Frank Reese. Tune in by going to www.bluezooradio.com. If you can't make it the shows are all on iTunes where you can listen to them free at your convenience.
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    inka 50 surprise surprise!!

    Not to mention that great stock...hehehe :rolleyes: Congrats Ted...now I know where to get buy more stock. :wink:
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    These were mixed with the aggies..

    Thanks guys! Yes they were in that lot of aggies. Thanks for the proper name for the aggies. I'll have to pass that onto Larry.
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    These were mixed with the aggies..

    I found these in the shipment of aggies I got. There were only these three. I have tried to figure out which one but I'm not sure. Before I tell someone yes that is what they are I thought it a good idea to find out for sure. Thanks in advance for any help here.
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    Shipped as veijita but don't think so.

    Thanks Mike. Ordering wild apistos will never be boring that is for sure. You never know what your going to get. And there are always a few oddballs mixed in.
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    Shipped as veijita but don't think so.

    I got these in a few weeks back as veijita but I'm pretty sure they are not. What do the pros say??? They are still pretty young. These are the pictures I took when they arrived. As you can see some very yellow gals in the lot.
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    Electric blue rams

    Here is a a picture of the ones I just got in. I haven't looked really close but I think there are males and females in there. They are not going to be easy for me (bad eyesight anyway) till I put my glasses on and really look at them. I will definately keep a few pairs for myself. They are...
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    Wild Aggies?

    All I have on their location is Brazil...pretty vague. They are pretty fish...some of the best of the wilds I've gotten in. Unlike my domestic aggies these are very outgoing and will eat anything....go figure.