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Will apisto mother take care of new batch of eggs?


New Member
Hello all,

I was wondering if my apisto borelli mother will take care of a new batch of eggs that isn't hers. She is currently raising 20+ fry of her own that are about 1 week old. My apisto D-37 spawned and I want to pull the eggs since the first spawn failed. I remembered reading a post from Mike saying that apisto female borelli were used in the old days to raise fry from other apisto species.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Yes, they were used to guard/raise fry of other species, but I know of no claim that they tended the eggs of other species. Also understand that if her own fry are considerably larger than new/introduced fry that the new fry might well be thought of as food by the larger fry.


New Member
Okay. Thanks for the reply Mike. Looks like I have about 10 wigglers. While she guides her own fry around the tank to find food she also moves the wigglers along with them.