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When should I separate fry...


New Member
Hello all,
Fist post here. My name is Chuck. I am curious as to what stage of the frys life us it good to separate the fry from mother? I read somewhere that the mother staying with the fry for a time is beneficial as it reinforces good parental behavior to the offspring. Fry are 3 to 4 weeks old. 20L Blackwater Biotope is what the pair were housed in. When I finally found them when mom took them on a "parade" around the tank, I realized that's why my Male along with 3 Julii Cory's and 6 head and tail light tetras were huddled into the opposite 1/3rd of the tank I had a closer look and there they where. I've removed all fish as mom was being very aggressive. She seems to be an excellent mother for sure. I see her communication with the fry. she wrangles them up and protects them even when I put tube in tank to feed BBS. From what I could tell there were between 50 and 100 fry. As far as I can see at this point, fry free swimming and all. There are aprox. 20-30. I have a net box which they are now to big to swim through. I'd like to separate them but in the same tank using the net box. Will this piss of mom and cause her stress? I've set up a 10gallon to house the Male for now as he isn't digging the Community Tank I am currently housing him in. I'd like to reintroduce him to the female soonish. I am also currently building a rack to seat 2 20L on the top to house a female in each as to alternate. The Male ran the tank until the fry where hatched then momma busted him up. So I feel that alternating him between tanks and females is a good bet. Sorry for the novel thanks for any feedback.
75 gallon Blackwater- 1 red hump geo, 3 emerald cory, 3 Julii cory, 11 redeye tetra, 6 head taillight tetra.
29 gallon Blackwater- Altum/silver angle hybrid??, 5 Male guppies, 5 panda cory, 10 glowlight tetra, 1 Bolivian ram, TEMP Male cacatuoides.
40 gallon- 2 red rainbow cichlids, 1 BN pleco.
20L- Momma apistogramma cacatuoides, fry.