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Wc apisto viejita


What a real beauty :) not much can beat the wild forms in apistogramma's arent a few in the UK at the moment


abrooks, I was after this fish for a long time and found the exporter in colombia myself and a friend of mine in the UK accepted to take the risk and import them. There were about 10 pairs to come in and one made its way to Germany with Frank, I know three males have died so far so there should be 3 spare females around and luckily my pair both are alive, healthy and with fry. :)


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ruinemanns in netherlands, have them on their list now. so check with your lfs, if they get fish from there.
not sure about the price though.



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Yep, same person you did, traded 6 hongs, most female is what she wanted, I'm hoping get at least get 2 males and three females out of the bunch. you still have those kribs making fry?