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Taikong Ornamental Fish


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Hi all,
A planted tank keeper on another forum I belong to (UKAPS) wants to start keeping Apistogramma spp. He is a scientist and a pretty knowledgeable aquarist, and we have been long term correspondents.

He has sourced some dwarf cichlids via "Taikong Ornamental Fish", and he is interested in whether they are likely to be properly identified? and what is the reputation of the company in terms of fish health?

If any-one has any ideas I'd be grateful and I'll forward them to him.

cheers Darrel


Is it the same company as this? https://www.ofish.org/user/1684

If it is, Azoo is one of their brands. Lots of Azoo products are sold in Singapore. So I'd say the company is quite reputable.

In general, shipments of dwarf cichlids from Taiwan come in with much more accurate IDs compared to tank-raised fish from Malaysia, Indonesia or wild-caught fish from the south American exporters.

Taiwan has a very healthy hobbyist community. And there are very accurate books published in Mandarin for the Taiwan market, such as the below, which I have a copy of.


The information in this book is a little outdated but generally concurs with the state of knowledge in this forum, so I'd say it's very accurate!

Taiwan is probably the second best place in Asia to buy dwarf cichlids from (and the best would be Japan), in my opinion. :)


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Hi all,
Thanks @boofeng. Sounds like good news and I'll forward your post.

It is the company that distributes Azoo products.

cheers Darrel

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