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Suitable tank mates for Apistogramma Agassizii biotope


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I recently acquired a 64 litre aquarium which I plan on setting up as a biotope housing a pair of apistogramma agassizii. It is only on day 2 of fishless cycling so have plenty of time to slowly set everything up. At the moment it is bare with just play pit sand I plan on adding some driftwood branches and would like just floating plants such as Amazon Frogbit. Will also be adding a peat ball and almond leaves to condition the water. In another tank I have a pair of agassizii which I plan to introduce the female first and give her a month to settle in and condition her before adding the male. Other fish I have available are 4 neon tetras and 5 serpae tetras. I would like as accurate a biotope as possible so I only want to add true tank mates found in the wild. Would love any suggestions at this point. Here's a pic of the tank in question, will post more as the project progresses :)

Mike Wise

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You don't give enough information. Which form of A. agassizii do you have? Do you want to breed the aggies or have a community tank?


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I believe they are Double Reds and would like a community tank with a less is more feel. Will keep the 10 gallon as a fry tank on the off chance that they do spawn and I can rescue any.


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On day 10 of the cycle - Nitrite and Nitrates both off the scale..Ammonia starting to drop...not much longer to wait I hope! Added some bogwood and a small piece of floating water sprite to help things along..


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Just a quick update - tank been up and running for a week or so now. Decided on a loose amazon theme rather than getting too strict about the accuracy of the biotope. Currently housing:
1 x Apistogramma Agassizii Female (my male died before the new tank was ready)
4 x Neon tetras
5 x Serpae tetras
2 x Bronze Corydoras

Fish 022.JPG
Fish 049.JPG


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Hi all,
It is only on day 2 of fishless cycling so have plenty of time to slowly set everything up.........Nitrite and Nitrates both off the scale.
Personally I'm not an ammonia fan. You don't need ammonia, you just need plants. Lots more plants. I'd add some floaters and Java fern, and some structural leaves (PM me if you want some).

A tank with healthily growing plants and water movement for gas exchange has enormous potential for biological filtration. Combined plant and microbe systems are about x10 more efficient than microbial systems.

cheers Darrel


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A darker substrate helps them feel at home even more. Natural cave like formations out of wood and rocks further makes them comfortable, especially the females. Dense vegetation helps too. I have a Java fern, plus a few Crypto varieties also planted, including tropica and parva.