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sexing ivanacara adoketa


New Member
Who wants to take a guess in sexing the beauties...

When they were still in the bag (and a bit stressed)
IMG_20190918_184040__01.jpg IMG_20190918_184407__01.jpg IMG_20190918_184816__01.jpg IMG_20190918_184934__01.jpg IMG_20190918_185015__01.jpg
#2 is definitely a male.

Now i've put them in 2 tanks
#1, #2 and #3
IMG_20190922_200120__03.jpg IMG_20190922_200133.jpg IMG_20190922_200139.jpg
IMG_20190922_201221.jpg IMG_20190923_072403.jpg IMG_20190923_072410.jpg

These 3 were in the second tank.
#4 and #5 (and i already had one)
IMG_20190922_205659.jpg IMG_20190922_205817.jpg IMG_20190922_205910.jpg
IMG_20190922_212800.jpg IMG_20190922_212828.jpg IMG_20190922_212836.jpg

Thanks for your help!

kind regards,


New Member
i've now put them all together and will see what the result is.
Already taken out one because he/she was chased too much and too aggressively , so i've put it in it's own tank.