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Sexed pair of borellii or not?


New Member
I posted this in the beginning discussion as well but not sure if it’s supposed to be here. Hi! I ordered a sexed pair from aqua bid back in of A. Borelli Bella Union. When I received them they were under and inch and didn't have much color. They have been in their heavily planted home since June (so about four months) and have started to color up slightly. They are eating well on frozen brine and miss shrimp and occasionally with frozen bloodworms. They are active, and the larger of the two in the beginning would chase the smaller but this seems to have dropped off. I am unsure if they are, in fact, a sexed pair, or two males. Any help or insight would be appreciated.


I uploaded pics of the two fish... let me know if they are not clear enough or if you need more.


Drayden Farci

Active Member
Uh, from these pictures it looks like two females. Do you have other pictures, or perhaps a video you can link with high definition? I'm basing my judgment mostly on the size of the dorsal fin, but I realize with the wild types it could be different from more commonly seen Blue/Opal types.


New Member
I will try and get video tonight. It is really difficult to get them on camera since they tend to hide amongst the plants. The one with the darker stripe is bigger than the other and if they are in eyesight the larger one will follow and sometimes chase the smaller one. Two females could explain why there is a lack of coloration in both of them since they are at least 6 months old. I received them in June and they were about an inch in length when I get got.