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Second spawning - Remove parents?


Hi guys.

I have a pair of Macs in a 60 litre 2 foot tank with both parents and three pencil fish. The parents have spawned about three weeks ago and have been excellent parents so far. The mother looks after the fry and the father is chasing the pencil fish away.

Now however, the fry have scattered and the mother is guarding her cave and chases the original batch of fry away. I have NOT seen either parent eat a single fry however, I'd like to know what others have done in this situation. Will they simply ignore the original batch and concentrate on the new fry, or is it likely they'll see the originals as a threat and eat them?
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Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
If it were me, I'd move the fry to another tank. There probably is a new batch of eggs and the parents don't want any competition from the older fry.