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rio negro underwater plant id?


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Hi all,
does anyone know what type of plant is that? 0.40 sec starting through whole video.
They are terrestrial tree seedlings, most of the trees in the seasonally flooded forest will release their fruit when the water levels is high, and the seeds will be dispersed by the flow and fruit eating fish.

Because you have had a regular seasonal flood, on a geological time scale, <"plants have evolved to take advantage of the flooding">.

When people say "there aren't any aquatic plants" where Discus are collected etc. they are right at the time of low water when they are collected, but the fish are just in "holding", waiting for the water level to rise so that they can disperse and feed/spawn in the flooded forest.

Once they have dispersed you can't collect the fish, they are spread over hundreds of square kilometers of forest floor.

cheers Darrel