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Pairing Apistogramma borellii 'standard' and 'opal'


New Member
Hi, I can't find a satisfactory answer to this seemingly obvious question: can males and females of A. borellii's two variants be kept together and bred? Everything I read so far says: yes.

So my question is really: should it be done and is there any downsides?

Drayden Farci

Active Member
Yes, but you will end up with ugly fish. You can mix every color of Crayon together, but the result will be a brown blob! :)

Pick one you like and keep it. Or pick only males of both variants. This is my opinion.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Actually what is now sold as 'Opal' are the offspring of more colorful males in wild populations. By crossing the 2 you will get something closer to what is seen in the wild - mostly fish without red streaks on the face and some that do.