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New tank and fish stocking


Active Member
Hey all!

I recently bought a new 75 liter tank, which i'm gonna pick up on friday (-feeling like a teenage girl at a justin bieber concert)..
Now i want to move things around a bit.
Here's my ideas for all three tanks.

54 liter:
1. move my current pair of A. baenschi to this and make a breeding setup. I read in a thread here somewhere, that it should be possible to keep a single pair in tank that size.
2. get a trio of A. borelli

75 liter:
1. move my current pair of A. baenschi to this along with my Copella calollepis.
2. buy a trio of A. bitaeniata

110 liter:
1. buy a trio of A. bitaeniata
2. buy a couple of A. atahualpa (though Mike Wise, suggested a bigger tank for keeping these.)
-to go along with my 14 Nannostromus marginatus.

I have also thought of keeping my 54 liter free of apistos and then try my luck on breeding some tetras or just keeping it as sort of a grow out tank, if i get fry in the others.

I have thought of trying some of the west Africans aswell for the 110 liters.

All tanks will be set up as "non-stricktly-breeding-tanks" but still keeping it very much in mind.

Arghhh! all those possibilities.


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
54 l: too small for a breeding tank for A. baenschi, which can produce 100 fry in a spawn. If you are experienced, a pair of A. borellii is possible. Better use is as a breeding tank for tetras.

75 l: OK for A. baenschi if you have a grow-out tank. Fry will soon out-grow this tank. Trio of A. bitaeniata is possible if properly decorated.

110 l: Either option is possible if properly decorated.

There is no such thing as "non-stricktly-breeding-tanks". Fish will breed if given the opportunity whether or not you want them to breed. This will cause problems in a community situation.


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Thanks a lot Mike!

Thanks a bundle for the great advice.
I’m not sure i will call myself experienced.

Sorry for not clarifying.. -when i wrote “non strickly breeding tanks” i meant in regards to fish stocking and water values. I would imagine folks keeping fish for breeding are more aware of water values.

I will be sure to post pics when everything is set up and let you know where it ends..

But so far i lean towards putting the baenschi in the new 75 liter or keeping them in the 110 liters and keeping the small one for tetras.



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hey again!
one more question... is 1m-3f a. bitaeniata too much for the 110 liters? -if propperly decorated.

thanks in advance.