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New Apistogramma sp.


New Member
Something new from the Rio Apaporis trip with Heiko Bleher

and babies...

Sorry about the poor photos, I used my phone and the tannin rich water didn' help.

Shane Puthuparambil

Active Member
Can you get a better picture of the male?

When I google searched Rio Apoporis, I saw that it was a tributary of the Rio Vuapes...

Lots of pretty species come from that region. I have a fish commonly known as Apistogramma sp. D50, a larvophilic mouthbrooder from that region. There is also Apistogramma sp. D10, that looks and behaves similarly (although there are certain differences). All that I was told about both species is that they occur in the "headwaters" of the Rio Vuapes...

I would suggest @Frank_H or Roland K. to assist you... but they will also ask for some close ups.

Some pictures of my D50.

Male in aggressive mood:


Female holding babies in her mouth:

P.S. Frank's photos and knowledge is far better.


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5 Year Member
At least it will be easy to pick a scientific name for this one: cordirosa, cordicauda, ...?


New Member
Eventually I'll have to send some for studying so the guy that will study them will give them a name but i could sugget one. Will see...

Shane Puthuparambil

Active Member
They look quite good...a fifth mouthbrooder is exciting.

I would suggest adding more leaf litter and structure, the tank is awfully bare. From the pic Heiko posted, it looked like very acidic, tannic water with some riparian vegetation and lots of leaf litter. In those conditions, we will be able to see them display their full color!

Shane Puthuparambil

Active Member
Well, looks like Frank blew me out of the water with the info.

1st of all, Rio Vaupes is spelled Vaupes and not Vuapes...
2nd of all, Rio Apaporis is not a tributary of the Vuapes but a tributary of the Caqueta...
3rd of all, D10 are not from the Rio Vaupes, they are from a tributary of the Caqueta...

Argh, learning all these names!! I love this stuff... thanks for pointing this out to me. I wanted to clear up any mistakes that I would have passed on to others!!! Sorry!