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Move fry to grow out tank or...?

Discussion in 'Apistogramma' started by CyberCoyote, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. CyberCoyote

    CyberCoyote Member

    Apr 8, 2019
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    My Macmasteri fry are over a month old now, I never moved them from my show tank (40 Breeder, heavily planted). The Mom has kept them safe from the bloodfins and green neons, some of the piggier fry are close to a half inch already (fun trick, use a yellow measuring tape against the glass and they swim right to it!) I did acquire a 20 gallon that I set up for a grow out tank, it's almost done cycling with some guppies in it.

    Once I got the grow out tank situated I started to think that it would be more suited as a breeding tank though. Used playsand, not as 'busy' as the planted show tank, have some teracotta pots in it. Would it be feasable with this brood (they are basically swimming all over the 40b on their own, the smaller ones still look for Mom. Mom still beats the snot out of anything that looks sideways at the fry) to let them grow out in the community tank and pull Mom and Dad into the 20 (regular 20, not a long) when she stops protecting the fry? I don't plan on keeping many if any of the fry for myself. And I also plan on getting another larger tank (50-55) to use as a grow out in the near future. Will be trading some of the Macmasteri for some Hongsloi next month with a fellow member here if they do well (and THOSE will get a separate tank, also)

    Another reason I wanted to move the parents into their own (smaller) tank was so my poor bronze cories could move back into the show tank. They're slumming it in a 10 gallon with a bunch of banjo playing inbred guppies right now. I was gonna get rid of all the guppies a while ago, glad I didn't. They will probably make good dithers for future breeders and supply plenty of free food to the Apistos.