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Is this green water problem???

Hey guys this green water cloydy problem? It did clear up in the second week but it went back to cloudy after ai added two more Angelfish.The tank is 3 weeks old but the Matrix is over a year old and I have 1L of it. I am wondering is the problem from the Caribsea sunset gold sand because I rinse it for a long time but it is still dirty then ai stopped because I was so tired from it. The filter is a ac 70

The dirftwood is also new too and I didnt boil it.


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Looks more like 'new tank syndrome' than a green water problem to me. Treat the aquarium like any new tank and keep an eye on the nitrogen cycle. If it turn very green then use less light and shorten its duration.


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5 Year Member
Hi all,
..... is it ok to use warm water from the tap?
I think it is a "new tank" issue as well. You need to keep changing water, it doesn't matter which tap it comes from comes from.
Should I keep dosing the Stability everyday? I stopped on the second week.
Stability probably doesn't make any difference, it is very unlikely to contain the <"microbes that are actually found in aquariums">.

You really need some floating plants, they will remove all forms of fixed nitrogen and have access to aerial levels of CO2. Have a search for the <"Duckweed index">, it gives more detail about why <"plant/microbe biofiltration"> is much more effective than "microbe only" biofiltration.

cheers Darrel