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Is gindalworm suitable for the first food for Apisto's fry?


New Member
Recently, I started keeping Apisto (agassizii and Panduro) and I've tried to culture grindalworm for my Apistos.
So, I don't have any experience to breed any Apisto's fry.
I wonder whether very small Apisto's fry could eat relatively large grindalworm or not when they eat something for the first time?


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5 Year Member
Hi all,
Grindal worms are a bit big. BBS are about the right size or any of the smaller nematode worms, Micro, Walter or Banana worms. Banana worms (Panagrellus nepenthicola) are the smallest, about the same size as Vinegar Eels (40 microns in diameter and 1.5 mm in length), very productive and low maintenance.

I've been feeding a suspension of freeze dried "arctic copepods" and Banana worms to cichlid, catfish fry etc, and this seems to work fairly well, the wriggle of the worms elicits the feeding response, and they then eat the dried copepods as well. I add in Grindal worms and live Daphnia when the fry get a bit bigger.

If I had more fish I would use more BBS.

cheers Darrel