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So I've composed a list of the species I currently own and its longer than I thought. In fact I think its bordering on insanity, just a bit. I thought it would be fun to post the list and see what kind of responses I get. LOL I have pairs of each and a handful of spawns from various species. The more amazing think is that I will have room for more once my fishroom is complete as well as rearing tanks for each species. So heres the list....


F0 Pulcher 'Red',
Pulcher 'Albino',
F1 Taeniatus 'Keinke',
F1 Taeniatus 'Moliwe',
F1 Taeniatus 'Moanda',
F0 Taeniatus 'Lobe',
F0 & F1 Subocellatus 'Moanda'

Aphyosemion Australe 'Orange',
A. Australe 'Spotless Orange',
A. Australe 'Chocolate',
A. Australe 'Cape Esterias',
A. Loenberghi,
Fundulopanchax Gardneri 'Lafia Gold',
F. Gardneri Nigerianus 'Akure',
F. Gardneri Nigerianus 'Lokoja',
F. Gardneri Nigerianus 'Makurdi''
F. Gularis 'Blue',
F. Gularis 'Dwarf Red'

F1 Chromidotilapia Guntheri

Pseudomagil Gertrudae,
Iriatherina werneri,
Melanotaenia praecox,
Melanotaenia affinis


various guppies,
various angelfish,
bristlenose plecos,
montezuma swordtails,
red wag and white speckled platies,
peacock eels


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Give people a chance! It's vacation time and the weekend!!
I know I've been away from the computer in the last month!!

ed seeley

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I'm just jealous of all the great species you've got and wish I had the room. I'm trying to make sure I don't buy any more dwarfs or killis so I can breed them in my 6 tanks!


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Killies actually take up alot less space than any of my other fish. I have a pair of each species on the list(2 pairs of each gularis species) and all but the gularis pairs are in 1 1/2 gallon containers filtered with a drip system I rigged up that also works for my bettas. I harvest the eggs and hatch them in petri dishes and then move the fry into small containers until they reach about 1/4 to 1/2 inch and then put them into 5 gal buckets to grow out in. The buckets have sponge filters. I find it easier to keep them fed and healthy in smaller spaces. I tried raising killies in larger tanks, but they didnt seem to get enough to eat. The blue gularis are kept in a 10 gal thats filled about 2/3rds and the same goes for the red gularis in a 5 gal tank. The brats jump and so I keep a lid on all the tanks and containers. However there are holes in parts of the lids for the larger tanks, hence the lower water levels.

The bettas are actually spawned and raised outside in 5 gal buckets out in my backyard during the summer and the fry are divided into 36oz containers once their sexable.

The dwarf cichlid pairs are in well planted 10 and 15 gallon tanks with driftwood and caves. When their spawns reach between 1/4 and 1/2 inch, depending on the size of the spawn, their put into 20 longs for further growing. I'll sometimes put unbonded pairs into a 20 long until their properly bonded before moving them to a 10 or 15 gal. Larger cichlids get 20 longs, but all my cichlids except the angels of course, are dwarfs so dont need anything much larger. When I buy juvenile groups to raise to pair up they also get a well planted and furnished 20 long until I can pull out pairs. I generally keep one pair of each species and sell off or trade the extras. When a pair starts getting up there in age I generally take a pair outta one of their current spawns to further the lines and after no more than 2 brother to sister crosses I'll bring in new stock to cross into them. A couple of the species I keep in community breeding groups and get 30 longs.

The rainbows are divided between all the other tanks. Swords and platies are in a 50gal community planted tank with my eels and a few other fish. Guppies are kept in color communities, fry from them are tossed into a 20 gal and divided out as they show sex, which I check for daily, and placed into the appropriate tank for their color. The eels will soon be moved to a 30 long as their reaching breeding size and its been a goal of mine to accomplish at least one successful spawn in captivity. I've come pretty darn close on a couple occations.

Angel pairs are kept in 20 talls and are allowed to raise their own spawns until they reach about nickle size. I pick out undesireables every couple weeks to keep it from being too crowded. Then they are placed in 45 gallon growouts. My breeder picks are placed into 29 gallon tanks till they pair off and the pairs are then given their own 20 tall.

Its all pretty organized, though it kinda sounds a bit nuts. I'm currently building new wracks and shelves to fit the new house and I'll have more tanks up than I do now after that. LOL So far this systems been working for around 8 years. Ok... that made me feel old. Whenever I think of how long I've been keeping and breeding fish, 14 years, I feel kinda old. I mean... Damn I'm only 27. LOL


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Ted and Genn,

Can you come over and help me count the species of fish I'm working with? I lost count! :rolleyes:



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LOLz its easier just to go through your tanks and make a list, then whenever you purchase another species jott it down on there and call it good. Thats how I've been keeping up. I find that keeping an updated list helps alot on a few occations. I keep mine on a notepad on my computer. I used to keep mainly show quality bettas, but over the last 3 years have been slowly expanding, especially the last year and a half as I can just toss a betta pair outside to spawn and grow. Its alot warmer here in NC than Washington State. I dont have to do as much maintenance and whatnot as I did before so I have more time to care for other species. I've always had a pair of kribs since I was 13 years old and they've always been my favorites, seeing that there were other species in the genus got me really excited. LOL

I've seen your list and it makes me green. :biggrin: LOL I spend alotta time browsing your site. I still wanna get some of them juvies you have available. Hopefully after I get paid again on the 15th. Your sites responsible for getting me into the other pelvicachromis species a few years ago, as well as my recent curiosity in rainbows and this forums responsible for the apistos. I've always adored killies, but for the longest time I thought them too demanding for me to keep. After biting the bit and giving them a try boy was I wrong on that one! LMAO Did you get my last email? Theres something kinda important to me in it that I asked your help with.

I have an extra female betta in with my albino pulcher pair and I dunno how but she managed to get a bunch of eggs into the cave that the pulcher wigglers are in. I found those this morning. The kribs are leaving them alone, but they arnt fertil so I'm wondering what to do about it as I want to keep them from harming the fry in there.

Anywho I gotta book I got mops to go through and fishies to feed. Good luck with your fishies!


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5 Year Member

Even if I had a list started and added/subtracted as fish came and went I'd have a hard time keeping it accurate. I'm somewhere in the 200+/- range for different species right now. 45 different West African Cichlids, not incluiding different color forms/varieties. 20 different Apistogramma species, again not incluiding different color forms/varieties.



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Thats it.... I'mma plan a fishroom raid. Expect to wake up one morning missing a pair of this or that here and there in your fishroom with no idea as to what happened or how someone got in here. :tongue:

Mike Wise

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I must be getting old. Some of my tanks are still empty. Right now I am getting very picky about what I want to keep. Here's what I have right now:

Dwarf cichlids:
A. uaupesi - Red wedge with red face markings (2 pairs - need to separate)
A. cf. agassizii Madeira-Gold Agassizii about 4 tanks full! (Some will go to Mugsy if I don't move them)
A. sp. aff. Peixoto + extras for replacing the original adults
A. borellii (8 fish split up in 2 tanks)
A. agassizii (domestic Blue-line) (2 tanks)
A. sp. Breitbinden (10 growing out)
A. iniridae (10 in quarantine, but ready to be split up)
A. sp. Abacaxis/Wilhelmi (2 tanks + grow outs)
A. steindachneri (2 females, need to get a male sometime)
A. sp. Schwarzkinn/Black-chin (blue morph)
Ivanacara adoketa (still not breeding - damn!)
Laetacara curviceps
Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigeria Red (supposedly) - 5 growing out

Assorted other species:
Pencilfish, mostly N. beckfordi - the only thing I find in Denver
Corydoras pygmaeus (need to put them in their own tank; the apistos are eating the eggs)
Aphyosemion (or whatever the genus is now) australe (Red) trio
Long-fin White Clouds/Meteor Minnow about a dozen (waiting for cooler weather to breed)

In my community/geriatric tank:
Cardinal (Red Neon) Tetra - I keep finding new juveniles in my community tank!
Emerald Eye Rasbora (R. dorsiocellata) breeding like above
1 lone "Blueberry tetra" (dye injected Black skirt tetra - it was dumped on me - honest!)
1 Corydoras caudimaculatus (one from my last spawn that escaped before trading the rest)
2 - 5 year old Belgian Flag Tetras (Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus) - never got around to breeding them
Cherry barbs - new young every once in a while like the Cardinals.
2 giant Laetacara curviceps males that I bought at the last Atlanta ACA (when was that 2002 or 3?)

Cull fish:
Mugsy - a 14"/35cm long Electric catfish.


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South American cichlids

Apistogramma norberti (VERY VERY old... 8 now I believe)
Apistogramma veijita
Apistogramma borellii
Mikrogeophagus altispinosus
Mikrogeophagus ramirezi
Symphysodon aequifasciata (discus)
Dicrossus filamentosus


Thorichthys meeki
Hypsophrys nicaraguense

African Riverine

Chromidotilapia guentheri
Pelvicachromis taeniatus
Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi


Julidochromis marlieri
Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Labidochromis caeruleus (electric yellow)
Cyrtocara moorii (Malawi Blue dolphin)
Aulonocara steveni 'Usisya flavescent'
Melanochromis parallelus

Poecilia reticulata
Xiphophorus evelynae 'Rick Serva' collection
Brachyrhaphis holdridgei 'Caño Palma'

Jordanella floridae (Flagfish)

Australian/New Guinea
Melanotaenia affinis (New Guinea rainbow)
Melanotaenia boesemani (Boeseman's rainbow)
Pseudomugil gertrudae "Giddy R." (Spotted Blue-eye)

Celebes rainbows
Bumblebee gobies

NA fish
Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill Sunfish)

Catfish & Loaches
Ancistrus temminckii
Rineloricaria sp. (whiptail)
Otocinclus affinis
Synodontis multipunctatus "Karilani Island"
Tatia aulopygia (Woodcat)
Botia almorhae (Yoyo loach)
Corydoras paleatus
Botia morleti (Skunk loach)
Corydoras sterbai
Synodontis petricola
Liposarcus pardalis

Puntius nigrofasciatus (Black Ruby Barbs)
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma (Bleeding Heart Tetras)
Thayeria boehlkei (Penguin/Hockey Stick Tetra)
Phenacogrammus interruptus (Congo tetras)
Tanichthys albonubes
Puntius conchonius

Periophthalmus sp. (muskippers)

I've probably missed some....

ed seeley

Staff member
5 Year Member
My fish list is pretty pathetic in comparison, but not got the space for a fish house; yet....

Nanochromis sabinae (lone surviving female)
Apistogramma eremnopyge (Wild reverse trio + 20 odd babies of various ages)
Pelvicachromis subocellatus 'Matadi' (Pair + 80+ youngsters growing out)
Wild Pterophyllum scalare (pair +1)

Aphyosemion bivitattum 'Funge' (1 male, 3 females and youngsters from three different sources to outcross)
Aphyosemion australe 'Orange' (4 males and 1 female from two different sources)
Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri 'Nsukka Gold' (3 males and 8 females plus youngsters)
Fundulopanchax arnoldi 'Ughelli TR01' (2 young males)
Epiplatys dageti dageti 'Nkwanta DH96' (Pair and 20ish youngsters)
Procatopus websteri (2 surviving fry)

Cardinal tetras (48 in two tanks, 35 of them home bred)
Congo tetras (4 old stagers left!)
Nanostomus eques (11)
Corydoras roberti (4)
Corydoras napoensis (6)
Ancistrus sp3 (Breeding Pair)
Otocinclus affinis(?) (6)
SAEs (3)

Pretty pathetic compared to some of you but I'm trying to concentrate on breeding and maintaining what I've got at the moment really.


Staff member
5 Year Member
I'll start "small". Here's just the West African Cichlid list of what I'm currently keeping and working with. I'll work on more of the list latter!

West African Cichlid List 8-8-07

Anomalochromis thomasi-Guinea form
finleyi "Mungo"
nigrodorsalis-2 locations
Chromidotilapia guntheri loennbergii
sp. Guinea 1
sp. Guinea 2
sp. Moanda
Konia eisentrauti
Myaka myaka
dimidiatus Leza
Orthochromis stormsi
Parananochromis caudifasciatus
Keeli River
sacrimontis "red"
sp. Guinea Blue Fin
subocellatus Moanda
Nigerian green
multicolor multicolor
sp. Baria Gold (possibly P. multicolor victoria)
Pungu maclareni
Sarotherodon caroli or linnellii
Steatocranus gibbiceps
Teleogramma brichardi
sp. "Mamfe"



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Ok... I'm deffinatly planning a pelvicachromis raid now. Mwahahahahaha :tongue: :biggrin:

You all have some wonderful fish! Alot of the hobbiests I know mainly specialize in one type of fish. Like african lake cichlids, bettas, killies and its really nice to see that people other than me have a variety of different types of fish. I love having a variety. It makes the hobby so much more interesting!


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Add pseudo. nicholsi, I got them friday, and a pair of wild P. taeniatus 'nigerian red' just got in today and the entire underside of the male is a brilliant red. Absolutly georgious! The females colored up beautifully too!


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P. taeniatus 'Nigeria Red' is a tank strain and does not exist in the wild. There are a few people importing them from Europe. I got mine from TwoFishGuyz. There are some geographic forms of P. taeniatus from Nigeria (mostly in the Cross River drainage) that are more red than others, but like all P. taeniatus from Nigeria they are almost never exported, and when they are they usually arrive mixed with other wild kribs.


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I got it mixed up. I got some wild subocellatus in that day as well and I was talking to one of my friends and not paying attention to the computer at all, just typing away continually. I was posting about the subs and talking to her about the reds. DOH I'm surprized any of that made sense at all. *proof read girl, proof read*

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