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I am new to breeding apistos and to fishI bought 3 juveniles and one adult male cacatuoides at the lfs, that all came from the same breeder. I figure it's safe to assume that the juveniles are siblings and the adult may be related as well. The dominant juvie male and the female seem to have paired off. I am 90% sure the 3rd juvie is a subdom male. All 3 are still in QT at the moment. I also have a female I bought at a different lfs 4 or 5 months ago.

I've noticed that most lfs' sell them as pairs and most people seem to buy multiple fish in one batch and see which ones pair off naturally from that group. Is it common practice to let siblings pair off and breed? Does it result in degradation of quality or health in the offspring?

My current options (after their qt is over) are

1. put the dominant juvenile male with my original female to see if they pair up.

2. Put the dominant juvie male and juvie female in with my original female for a small harem.

3. Leave the new juvenile pair together in their own tank and put the new adult male with my original female. I am worried about the size difference though. My female is still quite small, approx 1.5 inches and the adult male is about 3.5.


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