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Hi from Manchester, England

Michael Knight

New Member
Hi, I'm new on here after finding on Google.
I had a beautiful pair of Double Red Agassizii in a 170 L (45G) community aquarium with lots of plants and bog wood, everything was going great until she turned yellow and got very randy, she chased the poor male from one end of the tank to the other, he kept trying to hide from her, I was watching when he was hiding from her and suddenly she appeared from behind and he shot off straight into the glass which I could hear, he dropped to the bottom so I waited but he didn't improve so I fished him into a net where he survived about 20 minutes until he stopped breathing. She then went on hunger strike I tried everything but she would not eat until one morning she was lying on the bottom. I have waited a while but I am getting a new pair tomorrow, I just hope she isn't too randy and he can keep up with her demands, the dealer has told me they seem happy together so fingers crossed.