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Hello From Toronto Canada


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Hi there,
new to the hobby... came inside out or outside in... we moved into our new home in July and it came with a 2000 G outdoor koi pond which was full of mosquito larva and gunk... cleaned it up, planted it, and stocked it with baby koi and some goldfish. Fell in love with the relaxation of things...

Then, word got out that I had this big pond and when a family friend had a stroke, I inherited her cichlid tank and an empty 46 G bowfront... from there, found out about aquascaping and fell in love with that. scaped out a tank and stocked it with 24 cardinal tetras and 40 CRS and two silver tipped tetras which were used for cycling.

So, in learning more about cichlids and having them spawn with zero support from me, I wanted a cichlid colored fish but community friendly and safe (ish) for crs in a heavily planted tank that would be my feature fish and if lucky, would also spawn.

So, I now have 2F and 1M A. Cacatuoides (double orange)

Looking at also adding in A. Agassizii (double red) when my LFS gets the shipment in next week.


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Hi Mark:
I am also in the Gta. Just curious what type of water you are using for the cacatuoides. Did you soften it at all? Thanks!

George Brumfitt

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Also from Toronto and wondering where you get your apistos from?

Menagerie used to have them in stock frequently but I see less now and Finatics is on the other side of the city for me!