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Heater repair??

I bought a 200w submersible heater for one of my tanks out of the box the glass was broken on the very bottom approx. 1/2" piece plus a crack approx. 2 to 3" long. The heater has never been plugged in. I know you can buy heaters cheap approx. 7.00 each for a 200w. Is there anyway that this can be fixed? I was thinking of using aquarium silicone but do not think it would work due to the heat ( might cause the silicone to break down ?? ) so now I am thinking if I were to get a Piece of PVC where the inside dia. is jus a little bigger then the heater tube. Use a pvc fitting to seal the end and use aquarium silicone to seal pvc to the glass. Good idea or bad?

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
If broken right out of the box I'd return it. Submersible heater cannot be repaired without risking electric shock. It is virtually impossible to waterproof once the tube is cracked/broken.