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greetings from KC

Sean S

New Member
Hey everyone, I am looking to get my first apistogrammas in the next 4 weeks. Currently setting up the tank now and thought it would be a good idea to learn as much as I can before getting the pair to have the most success with them. I'm super excited for them. I found a local guy with Borellii Belle Union var.

here is an image of one of the males my source has. his colors are beautiful!

Sean S

New Member
Hi Mbkemp, here is a list of the main places I go. the top two are my first choices
  • Mission Pet Mart: the two managers there are awesome and will order whatever I need or am looking for if they are able to, a little pricey but they have helped me out a lot
  • Miles of Exotics: good prices and have a great plant selection, bought some great hardscape from their recently
  • Live Art Aquatics: in Independence, super nice and will source things but they are not really convenient for me
  • Pet-topia: affordable, but not my first source for various reasons
  • Picasso: cool store but it's in Leawood, so expect it to be a little more expensive. will order things as well
there is a store in Lawrence that I have been wanting to check out, Pet World. but haven't done so yet. will probably check them out when it warms up and I start to mountain bike again. Lawrence has a fun trail.

hope this helps!!