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Gill tumors and Iodine deficiency

Refael Hdr.

5 Year Member
One of my growns Laetacara thayeri has developed a strange bubbles like tumores from each side of his head, behind the gill's operculum near the throat. It looks like a transparent water filled ballon with a couple of white little granules that jiggles inside it.

The fish stays on the bottom of the tank all the time. It moves from place to place only by crawling on the gravel assisted by his pectoral fins, although he is always in a stable vertical position and he is managing to swim up and grab some food on feeding times.

The fish colors are normal and vivid as they were. He lost a bit of weight but he is still eating well. I'm not able to see the color of it's feces.

I've read in some places thet it could be a result of Iodine deficiency. I regularly feed with a large variety of high quality foods - dried, frosen and live, but I didn't see some reference about Iodine on any of the ingredients labels.
None of my other fish in the tank (of any species) got this kind of tumors and they all are in a great condition.

What more could possibly cause this problem?
What kind of treatment can help?



New Member
doesn't sound like a goitre to me
goitre is a common name for lump in the thyroid gland, thyroid glands convert iodine to hormones for the body

mrine iodine solution for coral? gowth maybe beneficial if you believe it isa a goitre

your description makes me think more cystic, though i am unaware of any specific cystic changes that occur on the gill tissue
has the abnormal bouyancy only occured with the swelling developing?
i would be inclined to drain the fluid and try and peform cytology on the fluid and see if you cant get some guidance there

gill tumours are said to be relatively infrequent

Refael Hdr.

5 Year Member
The fish has shown signs of difficulties in buoyancy before I saw any tumors developing.
Could it be two different problems?