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Fish Extravaganza- Columbus, OH 3/28- 3/30


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Fish Extravaganza in OH
Columbus, OH is hosting a big fish extravaganza weekend hosted by their local fish club Cafe! This event starts on Friday March 28th at 5pm and goes on til March 30th when the auction ends. We have a lot of great talks planned that would interest both beginners and the long time hobbyst. Our speakers consist of Eric Bodrock and Regina Spotti withwww.allodballaquatics.com, Ted Judy withwww.tedsfishroom.com, and Mike Hellweg with the CARES program.

This expo is definitely something you don't want to miss. We will have raffles, swap tables, vendors, banquet, and an all day auction to close things up. So save theses dates on your calendar and be sure to sign up early to save you money. We hope to see you there.



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We are happy to announce we have finalized our 2014 Convention. I have listed it by our speakers and what they will talk about.

Ted Judy-
Cameroon: Part 2 with recap of Part 1 from our 2010 Convention
The Importance of Numbers: A Hobbyist’s Guide to Conservation Breeding

Mike Hellweg-
Anabantoids: Keeping and Breeding Fish that can Drown
Fishy Business: The Other Side of the Counter- Fish Business 101

Eric Bodrock-
Spawning Oddball Fish- Breeding/ Spawning so of the more difficult species
The Ultimate Fishroom Hop (Banquet Speaker)- Fishrooms in Europe

Regins Spotti-
Girls, Pantyhose and Fishkeeping- Breeding of Tetras, Rasboras, and more

Like I said, we have talks planned for all to enjoy!! Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions as well