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Female in hiding too long?


The first time my female successfully bred she was in a busy tank, so I did see her out and about as she was defending her area. The breeding pair are now in a private tank and she ignored the two caves I made and preferred to hide in an impossible jungle of mixed plants, rocks and churned sand where I can't see her at all. She vanished into the briars 9 days ago and I haven't seen her since. The male seems fine, the 3 juvenile guppies are fine and the mystery snail is healthy.

It just seems she's been in total isolation too long, no sign of her or fry. Not even to race out and grab a bit of food.

At what point should one be concerned for the well being of the female? She is not quite a year old yet.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
For me I'd start adding BBS near her spawning site and only worry after day 14. Do the male and guppies ever go near the spawning site?


The male patrols around the perimeter but doesn't go in, the guppies (they are very young) stick to the top of the tank. I have seen the mystery (apple) snail further in, assume she'd beat the heck out of him if he got too close.

I will get some BBS in there tonight.


Active Member
I've had Hongs. stay in the cave 11 days before ever seeing her and the fry, I would give a few more days, like Mike said get your BBS started and let some gently flow into the briars. Good luck


Unfortunately I found her body in the overgrowth. Maybe the male got to her, I don't know. she'd been dead for a while, pretty decayed. Poor girl, she was an awesome mom. I'll let him go take over the big tank. there's a few fry still in there that never fell for the traps, guess I gotta figure out how to pull them.