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Ember Tetra Fry Safe?


New Member
Hey Guys,

I've got a heavily planted 40L (10g) tank with 10 ember tetra's that I moved out of my 60x45x45 while I redo that tank. Will these Ember tetras be fry friendly if I put a pair of Apisto's in there or am I going to run into issues? I'm thinking Apistogramma borellii or Inka50 or Panduro. Whatever I can get haha. These little guys aren't super common here in Aus but it seems to be getting better.



Active Member
hey marty!

i got embers in my a. bitaeniata tank and as far as i can see it's pretty safe. -meaning i get apisto fry growing out. but i'm sure they do grab a few of the tiniest fry if them come close enough to grab them.


Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Embers are not considered serious fry predators. They should be fine in your 60 cm tank with a pair of apistos. The 40 L tank ... no, too small.