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Detailed Apistogramma books


Active Member
I need recommendations for book with detailed information on Apistogramma (and other dwarf cichlid) species and/or their biology and/or their natural environment and/or any other detailed information.

I started with buying Cichliden Atlas vol.2 by Uwe Römer, thinking that it would contain all of vol.1 and even more. Was I wrong in thinking so? I read that vol.1 is actually far better than vol.2 and buying vol.2 is a waste of money.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
You're correct. CA2 is not an up-date of CA1, but a separate volume with mostly new species and information. There really isn't anything new in the past 5 - 10 years. Still my favorite "book with detailed information on Apistogramma" is 'Die Buntbarsche Amerikas, Band 2: Apistogramma und Co." published in 2002. It is 15 years old now so many newly discovered species aren't discussed and the photos are rather dark (partly rectified by the DATZ book), but the information on - and identification of - species in the book is excellent.