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Cacatuoides male or female?


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Hi everyone,

I've searched other posts on the same topic, but given the variety within even the cacatuoides it seems each case is slightly different. I bought a juvenile male and female pair being sold as triple red. The female unfortunately came to an untimely demise not long after. I then bought another female to replace her from another supplier. She arrived and is much more colored up than even the juvenile male I have now, which I wasn't expecting. My immediate thought was that I was sent a male, but the seller insists that based on how he breeds, he gets this kind of color from the females. One thing he noted is that the males have thick black coloration at the base of the tail and dorsal fin, which is not typical with the females...which supports mine being a female. But then there are other things that point to it being a male. I've also seen the newer one chasing the juvenile a bit and tail slapping...nothing consistent, but definitely seeing that behavior. Based on the photos, what are your thoughts? The first two photos are the new fish, and the third is the juvenile male
IMG 2340
IMG 2338
IMG 2341

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