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I have a few apistogrammas for sale as well as a few other cichlids:

All fish have been QT'd, are in my possession in Calgary, Alberta and I can ship via WestJet/Air Canada across the country professionally with O2, 3 mil plastic bags and boxes with heat packs. They are fed Ruto frozen foods, Sera dry flake and pellets as well as live foods to mix it up.

Blue German Rams- 10.00ea (18)

Wild Caught:

Apistogramma Alto Tapiche – large- 55.00ea (6- 3M/3F)
Altum angels – Rio Negro River- 6-8"TL– Very Red- 120.00ea (5)
Congochromis sabinae- adults – 32.00ea (10)
Laetacara dorsigera- Red Chested Acara-22.00ea (6)
Apistogramma agassizi-red- 20.00ea (2-1M/1F)
Apistogramma Atahualpa-20.00ea (10)
Apistogramma abacaxis – F1’s-25.00ea (2-1M/1F)
Badis Badis-Blue India- large- 12.50ea (6)
Badis Red Buxar India- 12.00ea (6)
Uaru fernandezpeysi-6-7cm – wild caught- 45.00ea (10)
Apisto piorao- 50.00ea (7-3M/4F)
Apistogramma iniridae- male/females- Hifin-20.00ea (4)
Apistogramma velifera – male/female- 27.50ea (16)
Apistogramma Mamore- 20.00ea (2-1M/1F)
Microtenopoma ansorgii-Pretty/Ornate Climbing Perch- Congo- 17.50ea (8)

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my Hongsloi, keep eating their eggs, any help greatly appreciated
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The Shrimp Pimp wrote on fredmir1's profile.
Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.
geno wrote on Roko's profile.
Apisto dave has a pair for sale .
Doing water changes.