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Ammonia burns?

Miss ATV

Hi all,

So yesterday morning I woke up to a pretty big ammonia spike in the tank. Needless to say the 2 week old fry from about 60 they have been reduced to about 10 and I am not surprised. I overfed and turns out my filter which is relatively new (4 months) and was rated quite highly as internal filter (Fluval U2) has been malfunctioning and randomly stops... I've moved the spare filter I had in a bucket with old dirty water hopefully I can cycle it urgently and throw it in as additional filter.

Yesterday the main indicator of something being wrong besides the fry who were extremely lethargic and dying was the male. He was sitting on the bottom under a piece of driftwood like he was sleeping. I changed 50% of the water yesterday and he started getting more active, not eating though just swimming around.

Today I changed another 50% of the water and he finally is acting like before this stupid incident swimming up to the glass and engaging with us when we look at them. I have noticed he has reddish patches on his body and I'm worried about him having suffered ammonia burns? If this is so do they heal or is there anything I can dose to help healing?