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AGA Convention Update #3


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Want to meet fellow hobbyists and friends from near and far?

Want to see the world's most renowned aquatic plant artist, Takashi Amano,
create an aquascape before your eyes?

Want to learn how you can grow whole plants from small samples of plant cells?

How about watching two of the finest aquascapers go head to head in a live

Or how about just learning about what makes plants grow better or which fern
grows best under what conditions?

Hear, see, meet
experts from
around the world
, including Amano, Senske, Tan, Kane, Randall, and Morin
plus one of the greatest aquariums in the
, plus the country’s, perhaps the world’s, largest aquatic plant
auction (buy, sell, do both: if you sell $95 worth of plants at the auction,
you've made back your registration cost ... if you can resist the temptation to
buy something else)--

--all that and more at the 2008 Aquatic Gardeners
Association Convention.

For info look here, but don't wait, the special hotel rates are only guaranteed
if you sign up by Oct. 15:

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