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A. bitaeniata and friends (not a true biotope tank)


Active Member
Hey everyone!

I decided to my two male d47 and got me some wild caught bitaeniatas from Peru, even though a great member of this forum did a lot to try and help get some females for the d47.
Well, though the d47 was beautiful fish, i'm really glad i did the swap. These little buggers looks amazing.
I bought 2 pairs, with the notion that it might cause problems at a later stage. So far it goes okay.

The four bitaeniata's share the tank with 12 Nannostromus marginatus and 5 Crenuchus spilurus.

The tank decor is beech branches, leaf litter, seed pods a few swords and some floaters.

And here's the pics.. -mostly showing the dominant male and small female.

Ps. do anyone dare take a guess on where in Peru, they might have been caught? -based on my own research i'd say either Shushupe or rio Nanay.