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A. atahualpa


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Hi all!

A few weeks ago, i bought some wildcaught A. atahualpa (they have been on my wishlist for quite some time). They are doing great and growing pretty fast, so all good.
Now here's the question. I noticed on Tom C's site, that it's being listed with two A numbers. What is the difference between the two and which one is most commonly seen in the hobby?

I'll soon post some pictures of the ones i have.

Thanks in advance.

ohh! and ps. i hope you all enjoy sitting in front of your tanks in these crazy times..


Tom C

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The A 176 is very similar to A. atahualpa, but it shows prominent cross stripes in the caudal fin.
This form was imported into the USA by J. Melgar in 2001. I have never seen it.


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Hey all!

thanks for the replies.
i guess these is the A175, then. -not that i'm sad about it. it sure is beautiful fish.

here's some pictures from a few days after i got them. -the proof;)
once again it's the 128 liters, that got a new look. i bought 1m-2f. i know there is a potential risk of the subdominat females life, but i hope to catch her, if some like that should happend.




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yesterday i spotted some little red dots in one of the seedpods, near the front glass... eggs..

-i didn't imagine that would have happend this fast, if ever at all.
but let's see if it ends up, with actual fry. time will tell.

do ramshorn snail eat eggs? -i saw snail in there with the eggs, but i'm not sure if they will just leave them be or not.



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No, i bought them at a danish flower decorations shop, which sadly shut down.
-but it is the same ones as they sell on tannin (-or atleast look very much the same). They didn’t use the same name.
I was a bit hesitant to drop them in the tank, but now i have been using them for the last couple of years.
Maybe try something similare. You are from Finland, right?
Look up decoration items for flowerists.
Ofcause you need to look only for the “natural” version. Apparently flowerists like to color everyting in silver or gold.



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Congratulations on the eggs, hope they do well, nice looking tank, I'm waiting on Hongsloi and Macmasteri to bring theres out.


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thanks a lot yukondog. sadly both first and second time there was eggs, it didn't come to more than that. i guess it's the ph level, which i need to get even further down. but now the female is guarding the cave again, so let's see what happens this time.
i added more alder cones, leafs and a filter bag with some peat granulate in it.

i have been thinking of adding 6-8 pyrrhulina obermuelleri/cf. brevis to the tank, but i'd like to run it through you guys first. -would the tank be overstocked with this addition?
the stock atm. is 3 a. atahualpa and 5 crenuchus spilurus.