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  1. Ben Rhau

    sexing borellii or steel blue

    Hi, I have a trio of apistos that were sold to me as borellii. Two of them seem obviously female (more yellowish, rounded dorsal fin tip). Two pics of the same female attached. One was sold as a male, but I'm not sure. It is less yellowish, and has more blue on the face. However, it has black on...
  2. S

    greetings from KC

    Hey everyone, I am looking to get my first apistogrammas in the next 4 weeks. Currently setting up the tank now and thought it would be a good idea to learn as much as I can before getting the pair to have the most success with them. I'm super excited for them. I found a local guy with Borellii...
  3. N

    breeding lesson learned with my Borellii

    Aloha all, well after many spawns I realized that the addition of my panda cories to the tank was not healthy for my female Borellii. The young pair was having the eggs eaten by them so the male was constantly trying to get her to spawn again. He didn't know it takes time to make more eggs to do...
  4. David Skelton

    How to sex. Borellii opal juveniles around 3cm?

    Hello! An Englishman living in Australia Have just got a "pair" of Borellii opals ordered in from a store who said the suppliers could provide a male & female. I have doubts whether that's the case. Have asked on a few fb aquarium groups & people seem to think their both males, but what I've...
  5. blucenere

    Buying pair Apistogramma borellii opal (red mask) in Germany-Stuttgart

    Hello, i am looking for a pair of Apistogramma borellii opal (red mask) in Germany, region Stuttgart. I would like to see a pic of the fishes or if too young, of the parents. Thank you :)