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    Male chasing female, female chasing male. What should I do?

    So I have two pairs of A. rositae from wetspot. In tank #1, the male is harassing the much smaller female. In tank #2, what I believe to be a female is harassing another, which I believe to be male. These two are roughly the same size, and much smaller than my definite male. I'm relatively...
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    Reference thermometer...anyone use one?

    Most of the el cheapo aquarium thermometers have so much variance that I find myself wondering what the temperature actually is in the tank. For example on my two 10g apisto tanks I have a cheap glass and a digital that are in opposite corners of each tank and the temperature variance is like ~3...
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    Help with sexing and bonus video

    Just got two pairs of Apistogramma rositae (sp. "Harlekin") from Wet Spot last week and I'm having trouble sexing one of the pairs. Not sure if I have two females, two sub-dominant males duking it out for supremacy, or if it's split and they just aren't old enough. They are ~4cm long at the...
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    Appropriate apisto population for 40g breeder with small Cory school and 1-3 BNP?

    Just like the title says. I'm setting up a 40g breeder tank with 20g sump and wondered what I could put in there with a school of ~7 Cory cats and a couple bristle-nose plecos. I was thinking either two pairs of different species or a trio/quad harem. Is that too many? Tank will have lots of...
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    WTB Apistogramma rositae

    Anyone breeding these or know someone that does? I could also go for some WC if someone knows of some that are available.
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    Availability of certain species: opinion

    I was thinking about how there are certain species that aren't as commonly available in the trade due to scarcity, waning popularity, or some other factor such as export restrictions in some SA countries. To me it seems like A. rositae and A. flabellicauda are harder to come by. I was curious if...
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    Apisto from Rio Meta?

    I'm looking for an apisto species that is from one of these localities listed in this SeriouslyFish for another species I'll be keeping: "Endemic to the middle Río Orinoco watershed in Colombia (departments of Meta, Casanare, Arauca, Vichada, and Guainía) and Venezuela (states of Amazonas...
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    A. sp Doppelfleck?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had this apisto or could post pictures for identification? I have seen about 5 different apistos in google search image results and I'd like to know what they actually look like. Thanks!
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    Harem breeders?

    Can anyone post a quick list of the species they know are harem breeders? I'd really appreciate it! I've read-up on a lot of the species and run a search here, but my head is spinning trying to filter out all the other information I have to sift through to get my answer lol
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    Hi from central Ohio

    Hi everyone, my name is Jay. I currently don't have many tanks set up and I've never kept apistos, but I've kept rams relatively successfully in years past. I joined because I'm researching the dizzying variety of apistos to decide what I want to keep as a centerpiece in a community tank, ~40-60...