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    Buying apistogramma cacatuoides

    I'm looking to buy a triple red or super red apistogramma cacatuoides
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    WTB: apistogramma cacatuoides white gold

    im looking to buy a trio of apistogramma cacatuoides white gold i wont be able to order for a couple more weeks but beings i haven't seen to many around i want to start looking now please let me know if you have any asap tyvm
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    discus and knife fish

    can you put discus with knife fish??
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    RO i got a stupid ???

    ok i just got a RO unit and i checked the water the gh is above 20ppm shouldnt it be 0ppm? along with kh?
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    26 bow front tank

    ok i have a nice 26bow front tank with 6 Cardinal tetras, and 2 clown loachs and 6 Golden Pristella tetras . im trying to get some ideas for some more fish im wanting to do some cockatoo cichlids and im not sure what else.
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    ??s about discus

    ok i have a 26 bow front and i want to add one discus so i was woundering if water hardness is a big deal?
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    ?'s about cockatoos

    hello every one im intrested in breeding a pair of cockatoo's and i was wondering if any of you could help me out and give me some tips?? thanks alex