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    By krib Growth

    Yes Mike, I remember the Halvin air driven HOB filters. Wish I had lots of the stuff from 30 years ago. I would love to have a few metaframe HOB filter with the directional spout that you could aim at the side of the tank. Used to spawn lots of cory cats with these units.
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    Has anyone ever crossed Albino kribs with the regular kribensis?

    I have an albino male and a real nice regular krib with lots of yellow in her. I picked her out of a tank full of kribs at That Fish Place. I have three spawns right now at different sizes. My plan is to take one of the albino females from these spawns and cross her back to the father. Then take...
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    fungus inhibitor for eggs

    What fungus inhibitors do you use for artifically hatching eggs. I have been getting eggs from my Tilapia ruweti every Saturday like clockwork. I have written about this before. There are two females in this tank and they alternate breeding with the male. If I let the eggs in with them they will...
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    Tilapia ruweti

    I recently purchased 4 T. ruweti from a LFS. They were on clearance and I got them for $4.75ea....... They were about 1 1/2 - 2" long and I put them in a 20 long to get some size to them and till I could get a 40 gallon ready. They are still in the 20 long. I had them about 6 weeks when I went...
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    Need Help: Etia nguti

    First off, I really don't know how I posted this in the buy / sell thread. I thought I had posted it in the old world thread so I apologize for that. I have been feeding them cichlid pellets, frozen bloodworms and live black worms. I will try the green foods. Maybe I can pick up some of the...
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    Need Help: Etia nguti

    I have a pair of Etia nguti in a 30 gallon tank. The male is 3"+ and the female is 2"+. I put the female in a 30 gallon next to the male for 10 days before putting her in with him. Their tank has lost of rock / caves and flat river stone and live plants. I put her in the tank with the male a...
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    Apistogramma for sale

    Have you tried the fish clubs in your area? Capital Cichlid Assoc www.capitalcichlids.org There are people in this club that keep and breed apistos. The other club is Potoamc Valley Aquarium Society www.pvas.com . Also, House of Tropicals in Glen Burnie, MD always has an assortment of apistos...
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    WTB: C. guentheri guntheri or guntheri loennbergii

    As usual, thanks for the info Ted. I had a fish back in the eighties called guentheri. They never got any bigger than about 5 inches that I remember, of course that was 30 years ago........Janos, PM sent.
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    WTB: C. guentheri guntheri or guntheri loennbergii

    Hello, Any help would be appreciated. I see the kingsleyii that Ted has listed on Aquabid, but I really don't have the room for them. I am really trying to stay with smaller fish. Thanks, Lonny [email protected]
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    Etia nguti information

    Thanks Ted. I may have to set up a 75 gallon and go get them.
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    Etia nguti information

    CAn anyone give me some information on Etia nguti? Are they nasty to each other, water parameters etc. I have access to a "pair" right now locally. I wish there were more. I know Toyin has them, but he never answered my e-mails in the past. Thanks
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    Wanted: Tilapia snyderae

    I acquired a group of Tilapia snyderae fry awhile back. They have all grown up to be beautiful males. I need some females. Anyone keeping this fish or can you point me to someone who is??? Thanks, Lonny Langione [email protected]
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    WTB; P. pulcher with eyespots

    I had kribs like the one in your photo Ted 20 years ago. I really don't care about location or anything. I would like to find a strain like that where the male looks like this actually - Link http://www.aboutfishonline.com/images/kribensis.jpg In my area I haven't been able to find them. I just...
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    WTB; P. pulcher with eyespots

    Jeff, Thanks for answering. I had some Nigerian Triple Reds but they did not have the eye spots. The fish on your list as Nigerian F1 are the ones you are talking about right? Also what's the difference ibetween the two guntheri ? Do you have a picture or can you direct me to a picture...
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    WTB; P. pulcher with eyespots

    http://www.tedsfishroom.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/pelvicachromis-pulcher-tank-strain/sm_edit_pel_pulcher_superred_nov26_08_0049.jpg This is what I am looking for. Photo by some guy named Ted Judy..... Lonny
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    WTB; P. pulcher with eyespots

    I am looking for a strain of P. pulcher where the males have eye spots in the dorsal and caudal. Thanks, Lonny
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    WTB Taeniacara candidi

    Atalntis only has males right now. Lonny
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    WTB: Stetocranus "red eye"

    Anyone have any Stetocranus "red Eye" available? e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks, Lonny
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    Need a male Stetocranus sp. "red eye"

    If anyone has a male Stetocranus sp. "red eye" or young ones please contact me at [email protected] Thanks, Lonny
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    Pelvicachromis "nigerian red"

    freshwaterfishfan sent you a PM about your westies. If you didn't get it, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks, Lonny